5 Best Hotel WordPress Themes 2019

Snowvalley WordPress Hotel Theme

Running a Hotel Business has never been easy and online platforms have only added to the competition! WordPress is one of those significant platforms that will help you present your business in a desirable manner and help you connect with a large audience. The most important aspect is to choose the right Hotel WordPress theme to make the right impact. The very first thing a visitor notices, is the look and feel of your WordPress page. Additionally, choosing a Hotel WordPress theme that not only serves the purpose but also caters to the varying and significant needs of the Hotel industry is a must.
There are numerous themes available on WordPress but only some will be perfect for you and your specific needs. Choose the right theme and choose success!

Hotel Calluna

Hotel Calluna WordPress Theme

Hotel Calluna is one of the finest Hotel WordPress Themes 2019 that instantly gets you noticed! It comes with numerous features and includes a booking and reservation form that is a basic necessity for every hotel, resort, motel or apartment theme.

This Hotel WordPress Theme can easily be customized to suit individual needs. You can add events and offers and rooms to your website with this multi functional theme. One can quickly and effectively change or edit the colors and fonts, make changes to the navigation or page design as per individual needs. It gives your business a highly professional yet creative look. You also have the option to choose and apply multiple payment options and use the multi customization options to add a unique touch to your theme. Additionally, you can create additional pages with the multiple short codes available to you!

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Hotel Master

Hotel Master WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a highly advanced and well defined booking system, Hotel master is the perfect Hotel WordPress Theme for you. Users can easily browse through the list of available rooms and quickly and swiftly make bookings without a hassle! You can add to the delight of your customers by adding coupon codes by using the coupon settings that allows you to set the code, amount, expiry date, type of discount etc. it has two distinct white and dark style demos and it flawlessly handles all required hotel features.

This Hotel WordPress theme brings in a host of advantages and benefits for the users as well as the business. Additionally, you can easily add or remove available facilities and profit from the unlimited seasonal prices features. You can also create custom services and easily make changes or edit information. It’s an extremely smart booking system that makes booking effortless and easy!

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Soho Hotel

Soho Hotel WordPress Theme

SoHo Hotel is a highly efficient and responsive Hotel WordPress theme. It comes with an advanced and easy-to-use booking system along with a great availability checker to add to the benefits. It brings you the advantage of seasonal pricing filters and allows for easy date blocking facility. You can add specific filters and clearly mention maximum capacity, varying prices and other useful information.

This effective Hotel WordPress theme allows you to send custom booking messages and emails via SMTP or PHP mail. To top it all, it includes 19 PSDs! The styles are highly customizable making it easy to make your theme unique and attractive. It can be used for hotels, hostels, service apartments or any other accommodation type. With the amazing 4 color schemes it offers you can add your own touch of creativity!

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Morrison Hotel

Morrison WordPress Hotel Theme

Morrison Hotel is a super flexible and brilliant Hotel WordPress theme that brings in numerous features and advantages. The reservation system is very effective and a delight to use for both customers and the business. It uses the WP hotelier that is known to be the most powerful plugin for easy management. It offers three unique booking modes and efficient email notifications.

The three pre built dummy websites allow a great perspective and show a world of possibilities to make a mark for your business. It supports PayPal and Stripe fully and effectively and allows you to offer discounts and seasonal prices. The drag and drop visual page builder feature allows you to easily structure your page to your personal taste and needs. This Hotel WordPress theme is backed with great support, documentations and video tutorials to enhance your use and smooth running.

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Zermatt WordPress Hotel Theme

Looking for a stylish page that instantly attracts customers and users? Zermatt is the perfect Hotel WordPress theme for those who understand the need to project themselves in style! The fully integrated booking request form is one of the many USP’s of this theme. The flexible layout allows you to create a unique and stylish look with ease and efficiency. The custom content widgets allow a smooth drag and drop feature for the perfect homepage layout.

One of the most unique feature of this Hotel WordPress theme is the weather module that allows you to inform users of the specific weather conditions of the area. The endless color schemes can help you give your page a unique and beautiful layout that suits your personal taste and attracts your customers to the stylish layout!

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