Installation Serivce

$ 50,00

One Time Fee payed with PayPal. Note: Buy the theme via themeforest first!

  • Installing Latest Version of WordPress (if WordPress is Not Installed).
  • Uploading and Installing WordPress Theme.
  • Setting the Theme Up Like the Demo Preview.
  • Installing All Theme’s Default Plugins.
  • Uploading Your Logo.
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You would like us to install one of our existing themes on your webspace? Sure! We will install your WordPress Theme and customize your website to look exactly as the demo preview within 24 hours of providing your Webspace data and completed payment. Please use the order form and proceed with the PayPal Checkout process

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  • Price: $50.00
    After Completing your order with PayPal you will be contacted by our Support Staff requesting your Webhosting Informationen.